Why FastComet is the Best Hosting Provider for WordPress Blogs in 2018

Why FastComet is the Best Hosting Provider for WordPress Blogs in 2018

It’s on record that managed WordPress blogs hosting is by far more beneficial than the normal hosting structure. This is all because managed hosting has enough resources and importantly it’s easy to setup. If you have a WordPress blog and you need to host it, Fast Comet is your home. This is all because FastComet comes with a number of advantages such shared, Cloud VPS and crucially dedicated server hosting plans at an affordable and acceptable price. Additionally, almost all the necessary features that come with FastComet are protected with smart tech support and security features. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at why FastComet is the Best Hosting Provider for WordPress Blogs in 2018.


Free domain for life

All the hosting services that are done by FastComet normally come with a free domain name. Moreover, if you already possess a domain name, the transfer of the domain to FastComet is done for you by the same company. Interestingly, by having a domain with FastComet, you will never need to renew it again since they will do it for you free of charge. This applies to only those who have an active hosting service with the organization. The renewing of your domain name is done forever as long as you remain engaged in their hosting services.


Amazing support

When it comes to technical support, FastComet has one of the best technical team. While other web hosting providers only offer hosting related support, FastComet offers you full support for your apps, website, and services. The organization is in a position to handle site optimization, application installation, custom software setups, deployments, website transfers, configurations and many others. The FastComet technical team is working 24/7 and is always ready to offer you solutions any challenges that you might encounter in your day-to-day activities. Importantly if you need any restoration in relation to your website, the all-time technical support is always ready to give a hand and it usually comes at no extra cost.

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Daily backups and one-click restore

Furthermore, FastComet provides with daily backups of your data that is kept offsite. Unlike other hosting services providers, FastComet is able to back up your data from the past 7 to 30 days. Importantly, the organization always gives you a free, full and unrestricted access to your backed-up data through a 1-click of the restore manager. As if not enough, if you need any restoration in as much as your website is concerned, the 24/7 technical support is always ready to give a hand and it usually comes at no extra cost.


Free Cloudflare CDN

When talking about CDN it generally refers to a network that caches your entire static content and delivers it across the world as fast as possible to your visitors. Cloudflare normally operates out of the many data centers across the globe. This is very important to your site since it eliminates any latency- access that can be brought about by the physical location of your hosting server. Moreover, it also improves the performance of your website for any geolocation. With FastComet you are to have your website Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) activated by just clicking on the required site modification.


CPanel Powered Hosting

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The cPanel is actually known the most powerful and popular control panel for web hosting. The panel allows you to easily manage your hosting account through a simple point-and-click. The current web hosting market, the cPanel is regarded as more reliable because of its intuitive features, especially for the beginners. The tool provides numerous advanced features to even the experienced and renowned webmasters. By using the web interface of the cPanel, you can easily manage your files, applications, databases and email accounts without necessarily installing an extra third-party software.


SSD-Only Cloud

Research indicates that most web hosting service providers use hard drives to store their data in platters. However, hard drives are nowadays known to be very slow because of the standards of the recently created websites. Unlike other web hosting providers, FastComet uses the Solid State Drive (SSD) is generally provides a faster performance that is about 300% higher. Importantly, the SSDs are also known to reduce the random access time to about 0.1miliseconds. This continuously ensures that there is a fast distribution of your content from your online store, blog, and custom built application or static website.


Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

With FastComet, you can always add a Let’s Encrypt SSL on your hosting. This can actually be done manually but crucially it’s very easy and always freely available.


45 days Money- Back

FastComet web hosting organization guarantees a number of important things. Fast and professional technical team, reliable hosting services and importantly a secure and safe website. If at all the services offered by the organization do not match your expectations you are also guaranteed a full refund of your payments. All the dedicated servers and VPS have an eligible refund of 7days. On the other hand, the shared hosting services have a money back guarantee of 45 days.


Fixed prices, no hidden fees

It’s always disturbing to anyone when you charged some extra fee for being a dedicated loyal and dedicated customer. However, with FastComet this is something that the organization doesn’t participate in. The company has a fair and strict policy that promotes 100% customer satisfaction. There is no surprises, no hidden fee and importantly you will always renew your services with the same price you signed up for. No exaggerated additional charges.



In a nutshell, FastComet is a no-cheap web hosting provider either not too costly, but importantly the organization is actually one the best among the many. The organization will offer you cloud storage, SSD storage, free website transfer, same renewal cost, resource quota, 45 days money back policy, free let’s encrypt SSL, security features, Cloudflare CDN, scheduled backups and one-click restore among many other features. If you are looking for a web-hosting service provider for your WordPress blog, FastComet is the best option.

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